POSH All British Lager 330ml CANS (4.1%)

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Size 6 PACK

Our classically crisp, easy drinking lager. 

Technically, you can only feel crispness or lightness when you taste something, but in POSH you can hear it. The carbonation prickles and sings before the glass even reaches your mouth.

Bright, barely blonde in appearance with light whipped foam.

On aroma, citrus and delicate leafy notes are underpinned by mild, fresh cereal.

On the palate, the first sip instantly coats the whole mouth in crisp and refreshing astringency, waking up every single part of the tongue.

The unmistakable flavour of hop bitterness, fresh grains, and puckering lemon dart and flicker over the tongue, then quickly dissipate, ready for the next refreshing sip.