POSH All British Lager 330ml CANS (4.1%)

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Size 12 PACK

Our classically crisp, easy drinking, ALL BRITISH lager. 

100% UK grown hops and barley, brewed right here in SE14 by your local, independent brewery.

With a lively body and visible carbonation you can hear the bubbles in posh tingle and sing in the glass before it even reaches your mouth. 

Pale straw in appearance with thick, dense foam, and mild lacing which retains.

On aroma, an initial hit of cereal, malt (light, green). A mild brown sugar note appears before being promptly cut with fleeting citrus character. On the palate, tingling carbonation is followed by a fresh malt hit delivering moreish cereal notes.

Mild piney/resinous hop notes emerge towards the end of the sip finishing in moderate but crisp bitterness.