WORK I.P.A. (5.4%) 330ml Cans

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Size 12 PACK

Our unique hybrid. An IPA with both hop and malt character.

Dark blonde appearance cues a burst of flavour from the first glimpse. Effervescent with a full, rententive foam.

Soft, plump, juicy orange blossom on aroma, doesn't overwhelm with citrus/grapefruit the way that some IPAs can. Hop character is mellowed with a touch of caramel, just warmed toast, and dried stone fruits.

On the palate a big wave of initial flavour. Toasted malty notes hit first, then alcohol warmth and hop bitterness. Smooth, delicate carbonation. Floral notes emerge on the linger.

Bitterness lingers on the tongue (rather than the throat) and subsides quickly, ready for the next sip.