Hospitality Operations Manager

Job Description: Hospitality Operations Manager

Employer: Forest Road Brewing Co. & Subsidiaries

Starting Location: The Quiet Night Inn, W11

Salary: £45K+bonus/benefits (negotiable)

Immediate Start Available

As an operations manager, you’ll need to be highly organised and experienced in day-to-day running and be able to take a macro view of the business to contribute to the big-picture integration with the head office and brewery. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the efficient and smooth operation of all departments within the site(s) and head office, including but not limited to service, H&S, maintenance, staffing and rotas, stock management and procurement, licensing.

This specific role requires the expertise of a seasoned site operator to take the reins of our beloved West London outpost in laying the operational groundwork for our third site opening next year.  This is a progression-based role to lead the growth of our pub & hospitality business.


  1. Operations Management: 

- Develop and implement operational procedures and policies to ensure the smooth running of the establishment. 

- Monitor and manage the day-to-day operations to ensure high-quality service delivery and guest satisfaction. 

- Coordinate with departments to ensure seamless collaboration and communication across all stakeholders. 

  1. Staff Management: 

- Recruit, train, and manage a team of hospitality professionals including F&B service, floor, bar and kitchen, events and catering teams. 

- Set performance goals and provide regular feedback to ensure the team's success and professional development. 

- Schedule and assign tasks to staff members to ensure adequate coverage and efficient operations. 

  1. Guest Services: 

- Ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction by monitoring and maintaining high standards of service and hospitality. 

- Handle guest complaints and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner. 

- Implement and maintain customer service standards, including welcome, speed of service, and guest checkback. 

  1. Budget and Financial Management: 

- Monitor and control operational costs to ensure profitability while maintaining high-quality standards. 

- Prepare and manage the annual budget for the hospitality department, including revenue forecasting and expense planning. 

- Analyse financial reports and implement strategies to maximise revenue and minimise costs. 

  1. Health and Safety Compliance: 

- Ensure compliance with all health, safety, and sanitation regulations and guidelines. 

- Implement and monitor standard operating procedures to maintain a safe and secure environment for guests and staff. 

- Conduct regular inspections to identify and address any potential safety hazards or maintenance issues. 

We expect you to display at all times; 

- Strong leadership and management skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire a diverse team. 

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with guests, staff, and vendors. 

- Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities to handle operational challenges. 

- Proficient in computer systems and software used in the hospitality industry. 

- Knowledge of health, safety, and sanitation regulations and guidelines. 


Please email CV and cover letter to: